Looking back at historic data

Figuring out COVID severity on a community isn’t a simple operation. There are many dimensions metrics to possibly consider, from case rates and vaccinations, to hospitalizations and testing. Despite everyone acclimating to remote or hybrid work, festivities, and general life, certain regions of COVID-19 data have hit a second childhood.

‘First Day of School’ by Dan Gaken, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, No-Derivatives:

The COVID-19 pandemic has defined itself time and time again as a profoundly global problem. Waves ebb and flow across the globe, , and through states, counties, and cities. …

New dot density map helps illuminate which communities have been hardest hit

The US Covid Atlas, a tool for exploring the pandemic in near-real time. Now, the Atlas can use a dot density visualization mode to start to reveal patterns of racial inequities across the United States.

Explore the map at

COVID-19 is a global pandemic, but we experience it locally. Seeing loved ones, going to the grocery store, traveling to a vaccine clinic, and for many staying put at home. It’s important that…

Dylan Halpern

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