Great article, but I beg to differ.
Chatura Muthukumarana

I totally agree with your choice to pursue a career other than law. Congratulations! I have been programming since 1968 and still love it.

I take exception to Steve Jobs’ quote, though. First of all, his intuition and heart ended up leading to his premature death. Secondly, “heart and intuition” are instinctive and need to be moderated by “head and reasoning” — that part sets us apart from our ancestors who had to deal with a totally different set of existential threats.

He actually used his reasoning ability most the time and, I believe, you did also in deciding on your career path.

His quote is wrong — it first of all normally fails to lead anywhere useful and second of all lacks substantive proof of leading to a fulfilling life. Much of the problem with the quote, as will many similar ones, is the failure to exactly define the words used and the circumstances under which they were uttered.

I can’t find anything to disagree with in the Harry Potter quote! :)

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