This blog post gives a brief history lesson about our measurement of uptime from the start, why we think it is important, and how we work with improving uptime on a daily basis.

Our most important KPI?

For Norway’s largest online marketplace, and one of the Media Company Schibsted’s most profitable companies, it’s bold to consider uptime as the most important KPI. It has been upheld, however, even by members of the top management team.

High uptime is critical to users feeling that an online business is stable and predictable, and of course we would like our users to think that about FINN!

FINN, the company, was founded in March 2000, but the service was launched already in the mid 90’s as a project owned by 5 Norwegian newspapers — then market leaders for classified ads on…

Halvor Igesund

Have had different Tech roles since the early 1980’s. Now Director of Shared Functions Technology in FINN.

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