The American “Dream”

None of what I’m about to say will be referenced or cited. None of it will have statistical and empirical data to support it. Every word of it will be the truth. Consider what I have to say, and think about it. That is all I ask.

As most of us in North America are well aware, there is soon to be an election for the next president of the United States. The front-runners of their respective parties in the primaries currently being Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This great country will most likely get to choose between a warmonger and a blatant racist.

Without getting into the fact that building a wall to keep Mexicans out is ignorant, or that letting government emails get leaked is irresponsible, I want to discuss the American people. What it pains me to see is that many of the people voting for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump (as well as the equally racist but more quiet Ted Cruz) are voting for someone who does not have their needs in mind.

As a Canadian who uses social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), I have seen many different supporters of the previously mentioned trio, and I cannot help but wonder why any of them has even a quarter of the support they do. What I’ve come to realize is that the “average” citizen of the United States, is brainwashed. I use that word because I see no other way to describe their behaviour. When someone like Bernie Sanders talks about cheaper tuition or more accessible healthcare, the word “socialist” is thrown at him, and he is immediately considered a terrible candidate by many people. Americans have this deep routed fear of socialism, which is shocking as a large majority of the population would benefit from having a more socialist system in place. Years of propaganda and political slander have caused Americans to fear a system that would bring them the greatest good.

It is my wish that the people who vote for the terrible trio, who are clearly not in the “1%”, would open their eyes and realize that going to see a doctor should not cost you the limb you want fixed, or that educating yourself should not put you in more debt than someone who skipped school.

Americans are putting their faith in the wrong people. To actually create a change and help themselves, people should be voting for someone like Bernie Sanders. While I am not an expert in American politics by any means, to me it is painfully obvious that his ideology is the only one to actually help the American people. Socialism has to be a word that Americans embrace and treat as their saviour, not their killer.

Think about it.