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Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Evan died at 41/2 from Medullablastoma, after 19 months in S.D.,and L.A. children’s hospitals along with Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in NYC.

This brave little boy fought it every day till the very end. After every treatment of Chemo he was ready to go home the very next day. He was showered with toys, which made it dangerous for we grown ups who had to step lightly around these many obstacles. At a Wal-Mart I had to remind him that momma couldn’t take anymore toys in the house, he calmy stated, “Don’t worry grandpa, I will take responsibility.” He wanted to be a fireman, and we were constantly putting out fires in the upstairs bedrooms. When I offered to help put out the fires, he insisted I stay downstairs and keep the crowds back. Needless to say his cancer always hid, and came back on the 2nd MRI. The horrible words of one doctor have always stuck deep in my mind, “Some make it, most don’t.” I could never reconcile myself as to why such young children are taken. All the answers I have received as to this question have fallen short for me. How often, including myelf, have I heard parents and grandparents saying, “Take me instead.” Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. In the movie Unforgiven, by Clint Eastwood, he states, “Dying takes away what you are, and what you will ever be.” For the death of Evan, and all young children, this is particularly hard for parents and grandparent, such as myself

Harold Zaroff

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