The Halfway Peak

First week of school I am always excited and thrilled about the new semester. sleeping early as well going to class, setting new goals, having high hopes about the outcome of the semester and fully determined to achieve them. However, at some point half way during the semester there is a peak. A peak that indicates that my performance, my morality and my grades are going to decrease- sometimes rapidly-. Anyway, I think I am in this peak now and I am really happy this time because I am going to try a new strategy to improve my performance and grades, I really do not care about my morality right now. I will be following Tony Ferrar method/schedule/ strategy. I will be trying to keep on track for a month and see the results of it. Also, I will try to blog about how I feel about the strategy from time to time and indicate the affects. However, I will try to modify the template that he provided us with. For instance, reduce the job working hours and change it to outdoor activities or sort of that, since I do not have a job. I will work on it this weekend and I’ll keep update you about it. I am really so excited and determined, which is usually not the case.