people holding it can’t tamper with it
Flaws of Blockchains and Perspectives on Cryptocurrencies
Arthur Brock

Interesting. This seems to relate to my concerns with a kind of ‘flawed’ conception of private ownership and ‘use values’ or utilities; or, meanings as we assume and those to be defined by others.

According to this text, data we each have authority are ‘useful’ to the extent that we are not allowed to tamper with them, rather than being able to exert discretionary control over them. It looks like honesty demonstrated by one’s disposing of as accurate information about oneself as possible.

But, why do such systems not appear to be materializing? I mean, many people have already known that concealing truth for the sake of one’s own benefits and interests one day backfires upon oneself. Such behavior is unlikely to sustain for a longer period. Hence, more tactical ones rarely enjoy prolonged fraud but rather continually shift sites pursuing ‘untapped’ areas.

Can the distributed process be a solution?? I should study this further.

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