Confidence in the incomplete leader
Pete Vowles 🇰🇪🇬🇧

Hi Pete, thanks for this. Interesting and honest, though I’m sure you’re not alone in having both strengths and weaknesses as a leader (though you may be on the lonely side in admitting this!). I’m a big fan of the Belbin team roles stuff, which moves away from a focus on individual competencies but instead looks at collective strengths across teams, ensuring that everyone is in the right role for them and that the team as a whole has the right competencies. When DLP first came together as a new team, we did this exercise. Let’s just say I’m a much better director than I would be a manager…

It would be good to see if some of of the insights you and your team gained through the experience will be fed in some way into the cadre core competencies, which have seemed – to an outsider anyway - to have grown exponentially over time. ‘Followers’ can be incomplete as well, as long as the team has the right spread of competencies.