A life Changing Book!

Have you ever read a book and it was a life changing? I have read one and it has changed my life!

I was roaming around in my all-time favorite place, in “A library”. I truly enjoy spending my time in a bookstore even if I wasn’t looking for a specific book, it just makes me feel oh so good! More than 30 minutes have passed and I was still looking around for books. Coincidently, my eyes got into a book that was so catchy for me. What grabbed my attention was the word quiet and the white cover as it was perfectly defines quietness; and most importantly the subtitle that says, “The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” in which I could not resist buying.

I was still catching up on my reading list, trying my best to speed up. After two weeks, I began reading it passionately and to the extent that I did not want to reach the end of it. Honestly speaking, “Quiet” made me fall in love with myself, accepting myself and made me embrace my introversion. Susan cain’s has changed the way introverts view themselves, as they were living their lives as misfits – as I used to think as well. I started to view myself from a whole new paradigm, I knew my true nature and how to embrace it!

Quiet – introduced me to the world of introversion and extroversion spectrum. I knew more about each term and how do they function. In short, introversion is more about how do you respond to stimulation. Introverts feel more alive when they are in a quieter environment; while extroverts crave large amount of stimulation.

The term “Introversion” has become my recent interest for the past couple of months. I have read almost three books in a row and can’t wait to read more! I have lots of things to share about being an introvert person. Well, I’m not trying to explain myself. However, my goal is to spread awareness about introversion due to the massive misconceptions that all introverts receive!

Happy Introverting!

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