Daylight Linux Version 4 for Raspberry Pi and PC (live)

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The linux light comes from Daylight Linux ?

Daylight Linux is available for AMD64 computer as a demonstration of Daylight. The main Daylight linux target is the Raspberry Pi. The last version of Daylight is the version 4 and it‘s compatible with all Raspberry Pi versions even the new Raspberry Pi 4.

Hamdy Abou El Anein the creator of Daylight Linux is a Linux System Engineer.

Daylight Linux is the only Raspberry Pi operating system made in Switzerland.

The lighter you become, the more you are able to run“

You can download Daylight Linux in this homepage :

The code source is available on github :

The last version of Daylight Linux is based on Debian 10 (buster). But all main softwares are updated to a cutting edge version (testing).

Daylight Linux is lightest and the fastest operaing system for Raspberry Pi because it use the Fluxbox desktop.

Daylight Linux is also available on BerryBoot if you need to have many operating systems on the same SD card.

After you have downloaded the last Daylight Linux version for Raspberry Pi you can burn your SD card from Linux with the command dd :

sudo dd bs=1M of/=dev/mmcblk0 if=DaylightLinuxVersion4_rpi.img status=progress conv=fsync

From Windows or other operating systems you can use Ether or Win32DiskImager.

You can use a 8 Go SD cards but some brands gives in realty less than 8 Go so you will not be able to burn your card. In this case you will need a 16Go SD card or bigger. Use a class 10 if you can to have the best speed and quickest system.

At the first boot you must expand Daylight Linux on all the SD card with the command :

sudo raspi-config

Then : Advanced Options > Expand Filesystem.

You can change the keybord language in : Local options.

Once it‘s done reboot your system to apply all the settings.

You can try Daylight Linux Version 4 online without installing it on your computer.

Just visit this a address :

In this video you can have an overview of the Daylight Linux operating system.

Developer / Founder : Hamdy Abou El Anein

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