GitHub blocked my account and they think I’m developing nuclear weapons

That’s my profile on GitHub. Did you notice that yellow warning on top?

The Good

Don’t worry, I provided an alternate address

The Bad

The Ugly

I can’t access the code, issues or PRs or anything!

How to help?

Finally, they made some changes


Screenshot from GitHub Pages for a public repository. I can access the repository itself but I get 404 error for GitHub Pages associated with that public repository
of course, we are not “evil people” and we deserve freedom in GitHub (largest Open Source community)
Why they don’t show this repo in GitHub Trending page?
Screenshot from before & after. as you can see the “Make private” button is still disabled for blocked users
They made these changes on July 28
They made these changes on July 28
They made these changes on July 28




❤️ code, tech, books & running

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❤️ code, tech, books & running

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