Every man is “destined” to invest in a suit at some point of their lives . Buying a suit is tricky, be it for a wedding, a job interview, a funeral or any other formal occasion. but once you’ve mastered the basics of choosing the perfect suit, buying a fresh suit will be no more difficult than a relaxing walk in the park.
One cannot simply deny that the process of buying a suit is indeed a difficult task to accomplish. It is crucial that you are well versed in the basics of choosing a suit before making the actual purchase. Laying down the proper groundwork will ensure you end up with the perfect suit with which you will fall in love. After all this suit could be the reason you land your first job, which will eventually lead up to a very successful career.

The right color and Material

Opt for Navy, dark charcoals and Black when choosing your first suit. The color will be the foundation of your wardrobe as you explore different hues, fabrics and cuts. It is advisable to go for a simple and plain black suit which you can wear constantly to work and formal occasions. This guarantees that your suit was a very good investment. It is important that you know for what occasion you are trying to purchase the suit for in order to avoid excess expenditure and disappointment.

Stay Fit

This is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a suit. A fully canvased construction or a “shirt shoulder” will make up for a suit which does not fit. If you are making the purchase off the rack, be aware of the fit of the garment. In most cases, Sleeve length and trouser length can be adjusted. Even-though shoulders can be adjusted, it is advisable that you do not mess with them. If they do not fit, keep it aside and go for something else. A jacket should compliment your build and give you an appearance appreciated by many and should always follow the contours of your frame across your shoulders, chest and waist. 
A common mistake is to purchase a suit that is too small. A suit which is big can be adjusted but to adjust a jacket smaller in size could be a real challenge for your tailor.


As much as all of us would like to believe we have the shoulders of a Greek god, that is not always the case. The shoulders can be heavily constructed with padding or deconstructed without padding, it is very important that the shoulder seam sits neatly on the corner of where your shoulders end and your arms begin. If fabric is not bulging out you are pretty much good to go on the shoulders.


Trousers should always fit well around the seat, crotch and thighs. Always make it a point to “test drive” the pants before making the purchase. Sit down and see how comfortable you are in the pants and walk around and see how easy it is for you to maneuver your feet. If they are uncomfortable in the store, then the same will apply when you are sporting them on your special occasion. Never rely on “Stretch” pants, make sure you will NOT be compelled into buying a suit that does not fit.

“Break” it in!

A break is the point where the crease line on your trouser breaks dude to contact between your hem and your shoe. A no break trouser will go straight down barely touching the top of the shoe and keeping the crease line clean. Half break leaves your trousers longer and typically sitting on top of the shoe but does not allow the sock to show, but it will give the onlookers a “sneak peak” of your socks. A full break is when your trousers sit longer and break a few times which in return shows no socks to be shown when standing and barely shows when walking too. This is an important tip to consider when choosing a suit for a specific occasion.


Once you have found the perfect suit it is time to accessorize. However, this is an entirely different, vast subject to be discussed in this particular article. Therefore have a look at the article link below to be in on the know about accessories. Basically, Ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, etc are accessories commonly used to complete the perfect suit. But always keep in mind to be liberal and conservative as the environment permits through personal interpretation. Click on the image below and have a look at our guide to accessories.

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