My Experience so far at Andela Bootcamp

Andela Bootcamp is the final stage before acceptance into the Andela Fellowship made to identify gladiators of high-potential in software development, who share and possess the values of the organization, and form them into world-class technical bests.

I applied for Andela Cycle 26 and fortunately after series of stages, I was shortlisted and made it to the Bootcamp.

This day — August 30, 2017 marks the third day of my self-learning journey into software development courtesy of Andela. It’s been series of tests, outputs, designing pages, setting up of API route for “More-Recipes” project template, receiving feedback, and writing of this post, all in this day.

I found it difficult to meet up to deadlines for output submissions mostly because of my weak coding skills, poor internet services and the fact of being a newbie in the use of API. It’s being challenging, but at the same awesome as each day comes with it push towards achieving my goal as a top class Software developer.

It’s of no doubt! Andela is truly a place to be for young programmers aiming for greatness in I.T programming field.

So far I would say it has been a interesting experience and I am looking forward to the next day. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.