Printed Photo Mugs: Things You Need to Know

Coffee lovers would wish to have more than one coffee mug. It is fun to own a photo coffee mug with a picture you love. Most people would like to personalise their belongings. Printed Coffee Mug Photos are getting more attractive, and the sales of these things are getting high. The best among them is the magic mug as it changes it’s colour when filled with hot liquid. The photo on the mug appears in a fascinating way as soon as the hot liquid is poured into the mug. This effect is caused by special oxidised ink.

In this guide we will discuss tips and ideas for creating best photo mugs:

1. Photo quality:
Choose the highest quality photos, the brighter, the better, the clearer, the better. Clarity of photo does make a huge difference in your finished photo mug. Choose all photos with same high quality that would be best. Do all your necessary editing and brightening before uploading your photos for your mug.

2. Location of best photos:
When it’s time for shuffling and approving your collage, you need to make sure that the best photos are placed in the right place. Left-handed people will mostly be able to see the photos on the left side of the mug. The right side of the mug will be mostly visible to the right-handed people, so choose your photo location accordingly.
3. Use Text:
You can use font here and there, anywhere on the mug. Clip art and special effects add fun and beauty to your photo mug pics. Even just adding a single word like love, smiles, joy or ‘I love you’ can set a lovely mood to your photo mug.

Special moments are meant to last as we want to be able to remember them for years to come. Printed coffee photo mugs are ideal for special memories because they are used or at least seen on a daily basis. If you are thinking to order a printed coffee mug for your loved ones, then Hamee is the best option for you. They provide with the unique collection of printed coffee mugs.

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