My love affair with Web Design was born out of my complete despair at the very mention of web projects a little over two years ago. At the time, I was part of a small team successfully running a print focussed studio. The very mention of ‘Website’ in the requirement document by a client made me cringe a little. Coming from a print background, where everything is measurable and calculable, foraying into web meant giving up that righteous control over the final output (…or so I thought).

With the increasing frequency of website queries, it became increasingly difficult to shy away from the medium. Then finally, perhaps in a ploy to land all the fun ‘print’ collateral within our client’s requirement, everyone in the studio slowly started opening up to the idea of designing for the web. …

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My instructor Drew Minns made a great point about the redundancy of the term ‘pixel perfect’ in web design. In the past, when it might have been slightly more relevant, I remember regularly requesting a developer to move a box either a pixel to the left or on top!

With the increasing number of devices, wearable tech and screen resolutions, the pixel has now a mixed identity. At any given point of time, the pixel is continuously being referenced and instanced by various gadgets at various speeds.

Relative units are the new buzz word and for a reason. ‘Device Perfect’ is the new ‘pixel perfect’.


Hamsa Ganesh

An independent Web consultant creating beautiful & intuitive Web experiences

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