16 Prototyping Tools & How Each Can Be Used
Joe Salowitz

http://Nice insights :)

My experience with Principle (for desktop)
I’d add that Principle is a great tool to create low/high fidelity prototypes (for Desktop) in a time-effective manner.

On Context:
Principle is very suited for brochure websites, that have a lot of interaction/ animation within the page but no heavy functionality. I primarily use principle to animate within the the page and not within the website.

If the nature of how a user navigates between pages is unique and an integral part of my communication strategy, I will include it in the prototype. In other cases, although the app allows you to create a flow, I find it cumbersome to create so many artboards and link each of them.

On Sharing
Sharing functional prototypes with the client also becomes helpful in Principle by the ‘export for mac’ option. But this becomes a limitation when you work remotely and your client runs on a windows machine.

Update | 16 Jan 2017 -
We just released Principle (Super)Docs, be sure to check it out :)