Sunday Musings

Girl with the flowers on her windshield

They’re there so she doesn’t close her eyes while she’s driving

Boost mobile seems to be a huge thing in houston

Like the changing of the tides, they come and go

I always feel bad for cashiers that have a difficult customer and the HEB by my house always seems to have a ton of them and I always end up being behind one and I have to witness this awkward interaction and pretend I’m sooo okay with it so the cashier doesn’t get even more stressed out. It’s like a civil duty

Why am I still here?

Not here at HEB, but here on earth. But I guess HEB counts in that so yes, okay — why am I at HEB?

I can’t help but to check out this casher (I hate to say this — but no pun intended) because I’ve been standing here for like 10 minutes now and he’s wearing Levi’s. I know we are in a dimly lit HEB with the echoes of ever so constant beeps of scans dominating any potential for coolness or sexiness. But you could’ve filmed this kid in his Levi’s right then and there and it would’ve been great. It made me feel better having to be in what has become a very strange HEB over the years.

They come back like how the tide changes, their words like sublunar epithets. They change upon season, like the leaves turning green again, their words a floral perfume. But I’m allergic to pollen

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