To the girls who second-guess their impassioned nature:

You don’t deserve to cry over this boy. Or how he betrayed you like the boys in the past. It’s a pattern, it seems, that the boys you love leave you without a word. But why? It’s not because of you, despite what you tell yourself. It’s because, first and foremost, it was never meant to last. There was a greater purpose behind it that you have yet to understand. Trust the universe.

Second, they fear you. You make them uneasy. Naturally, they don’t know what to do with you. You: the impassioned, restless, terrifying, all-consuming, overwhelming, absolute force of nature. You are not one for the faint-hearted. These boys fear the fact that you can burst into tears within seconds and ruin their entire day, the fact that you can say something so jarring that it challenges their whole way of thinking. The fact that it is impossible to describe even a percentage of what goes on in your head. They don’t understand you. They’re not built to. It’s not your fault. It’s not theirs.

They say they want to grow, yes, and understand the world. Good. But they wait to grow, for a static point in time. They wait for climactic events, changes in tide, revolutionary moments. They are impoverished, lingering idly by for the “right moment” to sweep them away. They are not like you who explodes and is reborn, growing with the rise and fall of the sun. It is not their fault. It is your blessing.

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