Optimize your React application with webpack-bundle-analyzer

Webpack-bundle-analyzer speed optimization

webpack-bundle-analyzer demonstration
  1. Explore the content of your bundles.
  2. Find out the biggest modules in your bundles.
  3. Find out unused/unwanted modules.

Adding webpack-bundle-analyzer to create-react-app 1

To use Webpack-bundle-analyzer we need first to install webpack-bundle-analyzer:

npm i -D webpack-bundle-analyzer
# OR
yarn add -D webpack-bundle-analyzer
node analyse.js
“scripts”: {
“analyse”: “node analyse.js”, ...},

Adding webpack-bundle-analyzer to create-react-app 2 & 3

create-react-app 2 & 3 are using a different configuration of webpack than the first version. So, we need to change a little the script we used above:

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