Too many curveballs today.

Horrible artery-technostress.. have to believe in recovery.

A good plan:

Guzzle coffee.

Go read in the bookstore plus watch Netflix there.

Go home later.

All I can do today is try to boot Ubuntu Mate.

All else is stalled.




Today started out pretty crappy.

Horrible inner-skull pinching sensation that I hate. Horrible heart-swelling sensation.

Plus just nothing to do. Because I don’t have a super-speedy personal computer. And because I don’t have money.

I can’t just relax and enjoy myself today.

Just because it’s Sunday.

Therefore I am resolved:

Guzzle coffee
Grocery shop
Go home

No other option.



Briefer conclusion or update:

Everything is ok today except how horrible artery is.. just pure faith in atonement.

Tomorrow the only chances for a breakthrough are:

Grocery shop
Buy Memsource translate
Buy a magazine

That’s it.




Pretty simple status update:

Artery-technostress remains unacceptable: but faith remains all I have. Faith in recovery.

Tonight there is nothing I can do or feel like doing. YouTube’s alright. Maybe going out to eat.

Tomorrow I guess I would take the opportunity to grocery shop and to definitely set up Ubuntu Mate. Then hopefully you can have a technostress-free livelihood to work on.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a disappointingly minimalistic evening. My biggest regret is just not having more money. With more money I could do plenty of things, on a nice plush iPad, with some headphones, for example.

So be it!!!!!!!!!



Today has been a rough and highly imperfect day as usual.

Humongous psilo gains, to be fair, though.

But just simply god awful artery disease, swelling, painful pinching all over, and more technostress.

Anyway, luckily, I have a plan:

Go buy kebab with your debit card.

I actually found a way forward, though it was hard: Pandas. Use Pandas to build the glossary. And reinstall Termux to have a complete command line. That’s huge.

Flash Mate when home!!! From fully CLI. Ask about it online.

Then, it’s nothing but Netflix and to vegetate.

Today is simply a new day altogether.

There it is:

Buy kebab. Build glossary with Pandas. Reinstall Termux. Boot Ubuntu Mate. Vegetate and regroup rest of day.




Life status (again):

Sadly, artery technostress are still more or less unacceptable. But, I am also pursuing a relatively successful “technozoning" strategy, and it’s working.

The nearest breakthroughs I have are probably buying a new iPhone. Ask at the Apple Store tomorrow. Yes! You can pay for repairs.

Otherwise, you just have to zone, and wait.

The strategy was:

Film reviews until tomorrow (yes, good — and on your bed).

Technozoning till tomorrow.

And laundry.


Apple Store iPhone.

Raspberry Pi set-up.

Go to library for TransPerfect.


In brief:

Tnght: Memsource on bed. Magazines and Netflix (technozoning). Laundry. Tmrw: R. Pi. iPhone. Library.