Wounds of a Damsel (III)

I’m not too sure where this all came from…the objectification in our culture…the somewhat violent/masochist and potentially harmful demeanor approach to sex is…idk, it’s a topic of concern because I am personally a culprit of such egregious behavior…do you realize the myriad of terms one uses to describe ‘intercourse’…if a guy is kicking it with his homies the question is, did you ‘smash’…hold on, smash ‘what’…did you ‘thrash’…did you ‘beat it up’??…wait one minute, what is it that we are actually ‘beating’…we as men already must be cognizant of your physical strength and size in comparison to our opposite and EQUAL partners but…we sometimes can get lost in the sauce or in translation with these terminologies…I can recall saying I wanted to ‘knock something down’ tonight or ‘take it down’ in my past…if we, as men, were to put ourselves in that young woman’s psyche, I’m sure we wouldn’t want our sensitive areas thrashed, smashed, knocked down, taken down, beat down, all of that jazz…whatever happened to being ‘nice’ to her lady parts…what ever happened to being appreciative of her spirit, mind, and lastly her body…yes, I am human and I do know what it’s like to have a deep and longing affection towards a young woman that…let’s just say, it is quite difficult for a young man to contain himself when he is given the opportunity to…convey his love and understanding to that young woman through a physical capacity and he finally sees that lovely ‘flower’…yes yes yes, it’s been decades but I can go through my mental trajectory and realize that perhaps I was a bit insensitive in the bedroom…perhaps I didn’t take my time to fully immerse myself in giving you pleasure because…idk, maybe because like many males in Generation Y and Z, we become practitioners of sex via pornhub or whatever vile site is accessible at our fingertips…in these ‘false’ and highly altered videos, sex is seen completely ‘one sided’…and the woman is always the one who seems to be…I’m not sure but, seemingly ‘content’ with being used and filled up as much as possible by these men…well in real ‘life’, that is NOT the case and the vicious ‘jackhammer fucking’ that we as males call ‘putting it down’ DOES NOT feel good to a woman…perhaps she is into your commitment and passion…maybe she applauds your efforts whilst you grunt heavily and drip sweat over her body as you groan and heave like a ‘mad man’ but…in the back of her head, she can tell that this is purely mechanical for you…as a woman, she isn’t even present in the bedroom because you are attempting to emulate sex from what is on your laptop…well news flash buddy, 85% of women rarely ‘ever’ orgasm form solely intercourse or what we call vaginal penetration by the penis…this means, there needs to be stimulation other places for your partner to achieve what we all want her to achieve…and that’s the satisfaction that we as men, ALL achieve during sex…albeit some of us achieve this goal much ‘quicker’ than others but hey…that’s neither here nor there…what about her clitoris…have you ever thought to just allow yourself time to simply discover that area and ‘tend’ to it..no no no, don’t take your rough fingers that are the closest thing to sand paper and jam them inside of her…no no no, don’t take those burly hands and violently rub them across her lady parts either…please be ‘gentle’ and take it slow…I’m sure if she wants you to apply more pressure, she will communicate that to you in her own way so…I’m sorry ladies for our decorum as men in the bedroom…to be fair, many of us DON’T know what we are doing even though we ‘think’ we do…just because you pat us on the back after sex doesn’t mean you got to your ‘level’ and that’s lowkey fucked up…it’s really sort of sad because there are a large demographic of women who perceive sex isn’t supposed to be ‘pleasurable’ for them…there are some women who presume sexual intercourse is supposed to be somewhat ‘painful and uncomfortable’ and that’s NOT true…I have been that guy in the bedroom and I’m working on doing better…Godspeed

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