Common Fitness Myths Busted

  • If you’re not sore your workout was a waste.

Let’s address this one first. Everyone’s recovery is different. We all like being sore but a lot of people think just because you aren’t sore means your workout was a waste. That’s simply not true. You still burned calories, and you still broke down muscle fibers. Everyone’s ‘soreness’ is different. One of the biggest factors of ones fitness journey is recovery. And if you are recovering there may be times you’re not sore.

  • Anything eaten late at night is stored as fat.

This is a really popular one. You don’t have an enzyme this says, “Oh, it’s 6 o’clock time to punch out” and then quits burning calories. As long as your heart is beating you’re burning calories. It’s just all about the quantity and quality of what you’re eating. Just make sure you aren’t going over your caloric intake along with keeping what you’re eating clean and you’ll be fine.

  • Lifting heavy is for guys and is only for getting huge.

A lot of my female clients are super strong. Lifting heavy is not gender specific. The big heavy lifts are actually some of the best for fat loss, strength, and functionality.

  • High rep exercises are best for weight loss.

For some reason whenever people are cutting or trying to lose weight they go with super high reps. You really want to stay lifting relativity heavy because it helps stimulate more muscle growth and maintenance. Generally when people are trying to lose weight they are in a caloric deficit where they are taking in less calories than they are burning, and a lot of times they end up losing some muscle mass with fat in the weight loss process. That’s why high reps can actually make you smaller. So stay lifting heavy and don’t go all ‘high rep.’

  • All fat is bad fat.

It’s actually imperative you consume fat. Trans fats are the fats you want to stay away from. Fats are essential for healthy brain and hormone functions. Things like your mono saturated and poly saturated fats are what you want.

  • The scale is the best way to measure progress.

The scale is definitely not my preferred way of measuring fitness progress. With the density difference between muscle and fat it can throw off your results leading to stress and frustration. My preferred way is body fat tests, and circumference measuring. These tests are a more accurate measurement of ones fat loss than the scale.

  • Spot fat removal.

There’s no such thing as targeting a specific body part with the intention of shaving of some fat from that one area. Our bodies pick where it wants to lose its fat from. You can do all the crunches in the world but that won’t make belly fat go away. That’s just going to strengthen the muscle underneath the layer of fat. As long as you are exercising and in a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight.

Hope this helps!


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