The Secret Fitness Enemy

Everyone knows that when it comes to the fitness world there are about a million variables when it comes to goal attainment. But regardless of your goals, there’s 1 major factor that can limit or even decline your goals. The secret enemy I call stress.

Everyone overlooks it but we all have it. And if you don’t handle it appropriately, it can make your life and fitness journey a living hell. Here’s a couple major reasons.

1) Stress causes your body’s cortisol hormone levels to elevate. When that happens it can cause body fat storage and muscle tissue breakdown to happen. That’s one of the worst dynamic duos I know of.

2) In general the stress I’m talking about is the negative stress in your life. When you’re stressed out you’re generally thinking negatively. And if you know me very well you know I’m a firm believer that thoughts become things. There’s a nasty little cycle that tends to happen. You’re stressed out and thinking negatively. Your thoughts become emotions. Most people aren’t disciplined enough to control their emotions so they act on them and those actions are usually negative ones. Those negative actions turn into negative habits, and everyone knows that habits become results. Bad, negative results in this case.

Stress > negative thoughts > negative emotions > negative actions > negative habits > NEGATIVE RESULTS

So there you have it, learn to control your stress. If you need help on how to handle stress feel free to comment below or message me!

Jared Hamilton

Instagram: @RealJaredHamilton

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