Daniel Fraga

Therefore [the] way Post-Architecture intends to achieve true ontological creative power is by creating intimate and personal heterotopias.

Now there’s a slogan that fairly trips off the tongue!

We will create reality tunnels that re-codify the individual’s non hereditary DNA, i.e. our externally manipulable blueprint. We will create massive, holistically designed hieroglyphs[3], through which people’s subjectivities will be steered with great power, great precision and great choice. We will have the tools to practice freedom better.

Maybe you didn’t mean it, but this can come across as a chillingly-totalitarian vision (like so many utopian manifestos). The post-architect re-codifying hapless individuals’ non-hereditary DNA (there are times when I get so tired of science taken for metaphor…), steering people like so many people like cattle through the holistic post-architect-designed hieroglyphs… all for their own good, of course.

We will have the tools to practice freedom better.

Practice it on whom?! And who’s “we”? This sounds like social engineering of the worst kind.