Top 5 plants for your household

An easy, cheap way to liven up your household is with simple, yet aesthetic greenery. There is an array of plants you could insert into your house but here are, what I believe, some of the best.

  1. Aloe Vera.

This one would have to be one of my personal favourites. It is a succulent plant species that has been, and still is, widely used in medicine due to it’s extensive array of vitamins and minerals. 
It produces a great quality of air with fresh oxygen making it great for rooms you spend a lot of time in. 
Ideally, this plant should be placed close to a window however it is easy to care for due to the low water requirements.

2. Cacti


This one is another of my favourites. Though I have to say I may just be hopping on the bandwagon here. These plants have become a huge craze recently for interior aesthetic. 
I’m not really sure why these have boomed in popularity. It could be because of how tough they are and the conditions they can survive, or the association they hold with western movies. Who knows, but if you want to be with the in-crowd then try out a cacti in your house.

3. Chinese Evergreen


This plant is great for those who do not have a lot of time on their hands. It is an extremely durable plant and thus does not require huge amounts of attention. 
Yet, despite the lack of love you may give it, it will provide you with a nice 
splash of colour in corners of your house that are missing it.

4. Orchid


These are fantastic if you are looking for a little bit of colour in a dull room. These plants add a slight luxurious feel to the room they’re placed in and can lift the whole atmosphere. 
They are ideal for smaller rooms such as your bathroom and love the sunlight so make sure to place them next to the window!

5. Peace Lily

Source: Pinterest

Finally, to round of the list, are Peace Lily’s. These are lovely flowers for any room with the striking white flower and glossy green leaves. 
It thrives in low light conditions meaning it can be placed anywhere in the room but should have some indirect sunlight to keep it alive and well.