How to do ethical aggregation and news flow displays

p The is an issue of fast flowing lower quality news sites dominating over slower flowing quality sites on sort 5 10 story sidebars on the OMN p p To get round this the are a number of options p ol li We only show one item the latest from each feed in embed RSS feed flows This will mean that some content is skipped on high flow sites and some stays around for longer in low flow sites li ol p But for this to work in nodes sites hubs with lots of source feeds we will need a rolling group RSS polling update system say 5 or 10 feeds at a time divided into the total polling time frame p p So a site has 30 feeds polling ones per hour than it will divide this into 3 groups of 10 feeds and pole these in turns ever 20 min so that the feeds are undated ones per hour but in 3 different groups so that the is a turn over of content for the feed for option 1 to maximize slower site flows getting linked to in the OMN p ol start 2 li p A second option that we do now is we randomize the content in site flow feeds this will give a wider view of older content and will even out faster slower feed flows to bring diversity p li li p we show content in liner order however due to the way that RSS polling works the updates will be in groups and faster updating sites will dominate over slower updating sites This is far from satisfactory as it rewords sites that game the system by scatter gun publishing publishing lower quality content p li ol p a href http omn openworlds info http omn openworlds info a p

Originally published on Hamish Campbell