Assessment Task 1B: Film/Sequence

For my film project I have selected the Point of View technique (POV). The video is a one minute film that incorporates different aspects of the city and combined into a video. I wanted to capture certain aspects of the city so when combined there is rhythm or sequence so when the audience watches the video there is a flow. I also wanted to capture movements and motion and how that correlates to architecture and the city. The most prominent technique that I have used for my video is the use of fast and slow motion effect to give the film a feeling of movement. I have also added a dramatic soundtrack to dramatize and build on the concept of fast movement. I also recorded the train stations computerised destinations voice with the train frame of the video to give it a more realistic feel.

The video captures many different aspects of architecture within the city and how people interact with architecture on a daily basis. The point of view technique captures this concept and allows us to look at the city differently when viewed in slow and fast motion.

Gasper Noe, Enter the Void (2010)

Enter the Void by Gasper Noe is an example of a video that is in relation to my film where the techniques he uses is also similar to my project in the sense of capturing point of view shots.

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