Assessment task 2A: Drawing/Notion

For my drawing that I have produced; it was an idea that was inspired by The Situationists. The Situationists were an international organisation comprising of many social figures such as political theorists and artists that focused on futuristic and the avant-garde style. The Situationists focused on the concept of modernity and they deconstructed the city in different forms and conceptualised the city the way they perceived it to be from their perspective.

My work focused on the city of Sydney. I draw an aerial view of Sydney using simple tools such as markers and paint on a 59.4 x 59.4 cm paper. The city is known for its congestion so I redesigned the city grid and topography for a more efficient flow and directions. There are so many streets that are all over the place so my work demonstrates a new idea of rearranging and deconstructing the city for maximum efficiency for daily commuters. The streets are in parallel order and there is a sense of consistency for people who use the city streets as the roads are leading in one direction without streets being present all over the place. So therefore there is a sense of coherence and a unified city. This as a result can tell us that a city can become a very congested and busy place and sometimes even claustrophobic.

‘The Naked City’ by The Situationists. This is one of the works that inspired me to produce my own version the city of Sydney.

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