Nothing however equalized my passion for racing. before anybody realise, i would be far ahead of the others and turn to stand proudly at the finishing line. i ran with such speed that my friends lost interest in the sport saying “the race ends before it even begins”. THESE ARE THE WORDS I LIKE THE MOST.

because these words ask me how fast you are. how different you are from other people. get some interest that you want to do. don’t worried about people when you apply your full powers to work And when you apply your powers you see your co-workers start falling on its own. its your energy because of which you reach there. when your co-workers start falling it gives you a thurst, an extra energy to your work.

#just start project

I set a goal of reading book, the chapter number 2 of this book that was to be forcefully read.So actualy i want to read this book because i have to do the work assignment made on this chapter. the challenges i faced is having this book because nobody have had this book.

after all i have read the book so i just start my work. during reading i found it interesting. but when i completed reading the book it time to do the work assignment. i face no challenge while reading this book because it was interesting but doing assignment was little bit hassitating because you not came out of your mind after reading the book. i learned from this experience that nothing should be done forcefully. sometimes you show your interest in reading but also in writing at the same time because its your mind that make images and its easy for you write it clearly and hopefully.

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