I hate LinkedIn!

I have over 50,000 LinkedIn followers. I love this amazing tool.

I see a lot of LinkedIn users treat LinkedIn like any other social media platform.

You will be astonished to know that over 99% LinkedIn users do not write anything at all (as posts). So why are they on LinkedIn anyways?

They really do not know, unfortunately so!

LinkedIn Profile

Creating a LinkedIn profile an expecting magic to happen is of no use.

Anyone can create a profile, and even can fake it. But unless your profile is searchable and visible, you do not exist!

LinkedIn’s algorithm works on this simple principle:

“People you know, talking about the things you care about.”

LinkedIn’s Algorithm enables focused visibility of posts, connections, events and everything that is offered at the platform, all based on the above single line.

So if you are not getting visibility, if your feed is full of crap, that is not because LinkedIn is useless, its because you really do not understand how LinkedIn can help you grow, find clients or job opportunities.

LinkedIn’s algorithm understands your interests, and brings updates that are most relevant under these parameters.

„The secret will become unclear as you practice and experiment with:

„- Your Content

„- Your Connections

„- Your Comments

„- And all other activities

Your Feed setting is the tool to experiment with!

Pick what you want to see, that’s how you train LinkedIn’s Algorithm work with you.

Do not blame LinkedIn. If you hate it, it will hate you!



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