Positive Reflections

Today life has become so fast that we do not have time to think back. We think now that I should get benefits, others may get or not. It is very rare that people despite their busy routine help you. Those are the people you always remember. They always left an impact on you.

This time came in my life 2 months ago during my 1st learning group at Amal Academy. I was new to everything almost, but the most difficult task for me was to make a video on one of the tips to become proactive in communication. Honestly, I was never in front of people to express my point and I had never had this experience in front of the camera before that and thought that I would not be able to make a video. I shared with my group leader, Sitara Ashraf, that I was able to do this. she asked why I was saying this and I made excuses and told her that I had camera fear and she laughed at first and said is that a real thing? But after that, she said if I keep trying and put my 100% I will ace this. She kept on insisting and tried to make me believe in myself. in the end, I tried and succeeded in making the video.

After this, I thought that it was just a hesitation and I left all my previous life in the fear that I would not be able to talk in front of the camera my entire life. But now, I am very comfortable with this and I can talk about anything in front of the camera.

I can say that it was not for her, I would still believe that I have some kind of camera fear. She exhibited her positive energy and gave me hope and now I can not thank her enough even if I want to.

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” Roy T. Bennett

Now I look back and see all those years living all by myself and not talking to others. What that attitude gave me today? if I were not this hesitant from start I might be able to help someone who was facing this issue at that time. But I have promised myself that I will never ever show negativity. I will always treat everyone positively and humbly So that if someone is getting through a rough day I will help him/her realize that life is too short to be sad today about the problems of tomorrow, just live in the moment and do whatever you want to do, you would not regret it.

There is a very famous quote by Albert Einstien that “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.



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