Do Something Fun:

As something fun to do, I decided to go to Sky Zone trampoline park with a few friends. First, I had to recruit a friend with a car to take me there. Then I added a few more so I wasn’t a looser going to Sky Zone to jump by myself. While I only jumped for 90 minutes, it seemed like eternity.

Mind Maps:

I first created a small mind map on paper before making a digital one. This was simply for me to be able to refer to and add to at random times as I thought of additional ideas. While the writing is somewhat messy and format confusing, it was perfect to translate my thoughts to a digital map.

Paper Mind Map:

Digital Mind Map:

Suggested Themes:

After mind mapping and lots of brainstorming I finally narrowed down three themes to explore:

1. Sun prevention

2. Teeth care

3. Baby and toddler wellness

Sun prevention is very important with the growing number of skin cancer cases today. People are also becoming more cautious and using preventative measures such as sun screen. However, there are many flaws with the current products out today which is why it needs additional exploration. Dental hygiene is also a growing industry as people are spending more money and effort on their teeth. This industry as a whole, along with the many products associated with it, should be further studied. Baby and toddler wellness is an extremely broad category. These can range from medicines, products, and services all catered to a younger age. I think it is very unique that issues and products for adults are altered for those of a younger age. This would be a very interesting area of exploration to see if there are other categories of this area that have not yet been taken advantage of.

Ten Silly Ideas: