How Might We Statement:

How might we make prosthesis and orthotics more adaptable?

My General Ideas:


New Warm-Up Game:

For a warm up game, I decided to combine elements from a few games we played in class, but added unique elements to put a fun spin on things. The game began with everyone standing and the first person says, “once upon a time there was a (noun)________ that/who (adjective/verb)______”, instead of going clockwise around the circle, they point to someone at random. The person to the left of the person pointed to must then do some sort of action or pose that describes this. The second person (pointed to) starts with the word ‘and’ and says a short phrase going off of the original prompt. They then point to someone else and the person to the left does a pose or action about the phrase just said. The person pointed to then wraps up the story by completing the phrase, “but don’t worry, ______”. Another person is then pointed to and another pose and story beginning is created. The way to get out of a pose is not to be pointed at, but to the left of a person pointed at. At any time during the game the person creating the pose can yell “help” and someone can break their pose to assist with the new pose.

Session Organization

Katie, a junior in college, has used orthotics ever since she was young in her basketball shoes. After athletic injuries at a young age she was forced to buy new orthotics with each new pair of basketball shoes as her feet grew, to support her achilles tendon and avoid future injuries.

Christy is one of my roommate’s younger sisters. While still in high school she has not had any experience with or known anyone with a prosthetic limb that she knows of. She knows what orthotics and prosthesis are, but has not physically touched one or seen one in person.

Tyler, a senior in college, is a premed student who has done research projects on prosthetics. The few papers he has written on the subject do not involve the prosthetic its self, as much as everyday things people with prosthetics must do or use.

Danny is a freshman in college and has no experience with orthotics or prosthetics. He has seen some TedTalks in classes that involve prosthesis, but has not researched any more about the subject. He knows orthotics are things people put in their shoes, but does not know what else they can be, he also thought Dr. Scholls pads for high heals are an orthotic…

Sorting and Voting:

I reserved a study room in my apartment complex and had everyone meet on a convenient night. It was more difficult than I thought to find participants since it was such a busy week filled with midterms and homecoming. We used a small square table and put the post its with ideas on the window behind the table so it was visible by everyone. We played my new game and Zip, Zap, Zop to warm up before sitting down to brainstorm. Our whole session lasted about an hour and generated a total of .4 IPM in 30 minutes of brainstorming through the KJ-Method. I also had them do some negative brainstorming to change things up a bit. While my participants came with some ideas, further into the brainstorming session they came up with more creative solutions. The one thing I could have done better was to tell them it is okay to have duplicates. When someone completed an idea and it was hung up, if another participant made something too similar they would ditch the idea and start on something new. While I reminded them this session was about quantity not quality, I think they were all a bit nervous knowing it was for a class project of mine, and were not as out there as I hoped.

After all the ideas were displayed, they were silently categorized, then the groups were made. These groups were: Leg accessories, materials, fit, tech/general accessories, hand materials, and appearance. They then went through with a highlighter and put a dot on their four favorite ideas.

For my own organization, I re-categorized the ideas once the session was over. My two overarching themes were new ideas and old ideas, which were already options in our in class brainstorming sessions. From this new idea category, I split ideas into ones I liked and thought were unique, and ones that I disliked.

Top Ideas:

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