Americans Are Rejecting Donald Trump’s Reckless Policies, Poll Finds
Bob Cunningham


I wish guys like you Bob would spend more time trying to break the entire corrupt system instead of pretending to be purple.

For instance; a true corrupt alliance with Russia can be seen in the Uranium One deal Hillary brokered essentially for Russia while in the State Department. “ Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million.”

As to the association with bankers, Here are some (and we all know this is a small list) of the payoffs to the the Corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton.

PMorgan Chase & Co$1,172,825 $1,169,825 $3,000

Citigroup Inc$1,052,604 $1,044,604 8,000

Goldman Sachs$1,050,821 $1,040,821 $10,000

Morgan Stanley$1,014,906 $1,009,906 $5,000

Its funny that you should respond to me and mention the Middle East and Trmps business in that country. However here is a list of donations to Hillary whos only business can be said is selling government influence.

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