Here is Trump, himself, saying Muslim Americans, along with other groups, need to be “registered.”
Pablo G.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA…that is so intellectually dishonest. Thats a reporter asking an odd question to which you get a dangling participle answer.

But I can ‘role’ with that. Can you point in the constitution where that would be illegal? Hint you can not. Perfectly fine to track immigrants, we already do it And, considering the nature and tactics of some terrorist organizations who flood into countries under “refugee” status its almost mandatory in order to balance and attempt to keep citizens safe. Not a dam thing wrong to check in on people to see if they are assimilating into rather rallying against. Just because you let refugees into your country does not mean that they get to stay or you can not vet them. Prior to 1965, 33% or more of the people that attempted to immigrate here legally were turned away for not meeting specific criteria.

Our country has the right to choose who we let in, and if its provisional based on good behavior then so what. No different than probation, professional affiliations, re licensing etc etc etc.