If one has to make a choice, and one does, between the Donald and Hillary, the choice is easy.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

“Hillary is backed by folks of honor and integrity — Collin Powell, the Obamas, and most of the cream of the Republican party.”

Thats a funny comment. Hillary and bill supported South African Apartheid by shielding Mark Rich, Hillary and Bill stood and did nothing while 1 Million blacks were killed in Rwanda, Hillary and bill went on to support crazy murderous leaders such as Kagame in Africa, Hillary and Bill also ripped off Haiti.

So if you want sleaze balls I doubt that Hannity, Limbaugh rise to the level of Bill hanging out with Jeffrey Epstien a pedophile. Or as we have seen Hillary taking money from countries that promote killing of the LGBT community.

If you wanted to review Bill Clinton policy towards Russia you would see why a man like Putin came to power…..it was a response of the people to fight back against the crooked policies of America but more to the Clintons behavior.

Not even clear what you mean the Republican cream of the crop? They are referred to as RINO’s as they help the insider Dems with crooked deal that sell out this country. Or have you ignored the wiki-leak docs.

And dont forget three things….Bills mamma was married to the Klan, Al Gores daddy was part of the Klan ( the Klan being a Democrat organization). And the NRA is the only organization (paid for with money from private citizen donors) making sure us MINORITIES have gun rights so you Democrats cant enslave us again, that your Klan cant come after us no more. But by your comments you would prefer unarmed minorities to push around and abuse.