Dear White People, Your Safety Pins are Embarrassing
Christopher Keelty

Just curious, are you upset that you did not get to vote for the…

  1. White woman who bashed and threatened sexual assault victims to keep her husband in power?
  2. White woman who ran the the housing rip-off scheme on the poor blacks of Haiti?
  3. A white woman who supported Kagame and other ruthless dictators in Africa?
  4. A white woman who supported South African Apartheid?
  5. A white woman who supports nuclear weapons proliferation and aided the technology transfers with China, N. Korea, and of course Iran
  6. A white woman who was behind Obamas drone program that killed innocent women and children daily
  7. A white woman that together with her husband stood by and did nothing to stop 1 million deaths, and 500, 000 rapes during Rwandan genocide?
  8. A White woman that runs a fake charity designed to sell access and direction of US policies.

You remind me of Tony Soprano, trying to convince someone, anyone, perhaps yourself that you are a nice person. Sorry but your flavor of gangster is absolutely positively no better than the Trump version. It just seems your extra mad that the Democrat jumped party lines and is now using the same democrat party tactics against the old guard.

So yeah….nice hate speech

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