As a Caucasian who has Indian blood, I am offended by your vitriol.
Mark Irelan

Thats funny….white people are Indian. Stop with the cultural appropriation. just because you are 1/64 BC does not make you Indian. Sorry, its not Xenophobia, just the truth.

And what pole shift? That is a typical socialist liberal explanation of moving people from a farm based plantation to an industrial ghetto style plantation.

“Your preferred political party’s name doesn’t provide any greater moral compass than the other” It wasnt a Republican that raised the rebel flag over Arkansas, that was Clinton. It was not a Republican administration that stood by as 1 million blacks died in the Rwandan genocide, that was Clinton, it wasn't a Republican that ripped of the poor blacks in Haiti with a Housing scam, that was Clinton, It wasnt Republicans that propped up the Apartheid South African Gov, that was Clinton. It wasnt a Republican who supported Kagame and other dictators in Africa, that was Clinton. It was not a Republican who stated Woodrow Wilson was a historic figure worthy of Admiration, that was Clinton. It was not a Republican who stated Sen. Robert Byrd was a good man. Its not the Republican party still pushing Eugenic philosophy in minority neighborhoods via planned parenthood, thats Clinton. So I would disagree on who’s compass is pointing in the right direction…you just choose not to believe the compass.

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