How do you remove five trillion pieces of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean?
World Economic Forum

Hi, the fact that Boryun Slat raised millions of dollars does not mean the idea will work, in fact most of us that actually study the phenomenon are very doubtful.

That is beside the point, how much more does it cost to remove trash in the ocean as opposed to removing it at the source? This should be a question that the WEF asks and even answers. For example on lake Geneva (The WEF headquarters are about 1km away) the beach litter density is greater than many places in Europe.

This the abbreviated research paper we produced “The ln(beach-litter-density)

What you will find is that the garbage is flowing downhill from a higher density to a lower density. The problem is uphill and upstream. The flowrate is accelerating and there is no push for this to change. We can identify the 16 categories of products that make up 60%-70% of the density at any point on the lake (the same categories make up 40%-50% worldwide)

600 kms away from the nearest ocean and we already have a plastic soup! It seems that the WEF should look at whats happening on the doorstep of its headquarters, we invite you to come with us do a beach litter survey so you can understand the nature of the problem.