Get more Leads from Home Depot Pro Referral

Why You Need to be Using Home Depot Pro Referral

Sometimes it can be hard to reach out to a wide variety of customers; you may not know where to look or business might just be slow. However, there is a way to instantly find customers who need your specific set of skills for their renovation, reparation, or installation projects! If you work in the construction industry, Pro Referral is the app for you!

Pro Referral, developed by Redbeacon in 2008 and acquired by Home Depot in 2012, is an application that allows professional contractors and clients to connect in a simple yet efficient way.

What exactly is Pro Referral?

Pro Referral is a Home Depot-powered app that lets you create a public profile to connect with a variety of prospective customers. On your profile, you write about your company, your mission statement, your specialties, and your niche. You can even post a portfolio of your past work! When a customer needs a job done, they can browse through the profiles of various contractors and send job requests to a few of them. Even if you do not always get the job, you still reign in more customers and receive more exposure.

There is a multitude of features that make Pro Referral one of the best ways to connect with customers:

  • Connect very easily with prospects. Pro Referral offers an in-app chat function that allows you to easily reach out to potential clients, or you can use the phone numbers on their profiles to reach out to them.
  • Reach customers near you. You and your prospects can see each other’s general location. That way you can stay in the area in which you want to work.
  • Organize your schedule. Track the jobs you accept all in one place! You can keep your calendar organized and know when you do or do not have availability.
  • Receive leads. Pro Referral sends your project leads so that you never run out of work to do! The leads system is point-based; you turn your regular Home Depot purchases into points, and those points allow the app to send you leads!

What are the benefits?

Now that you know what Pro Referral is, you probably want to know why you should really join. Just as there are a plethora of features, there are a plethora of corresponding benefits to becoming a Pro!

  • Use it free of charge. As aforementioned, the app is free to you! You just convert your routine purchases into points for leads and that it is! Using Pro Referral is no money out of your pocket.
  • Use the site or the mobile app. While some people may prefer to work from a computer, you can also use the mobile app! That way, you can connect with customers and track your jobs on the go.
  • Gain more exposure. People can easily check out your profile and see the work that you do. Even if you do not win every job, there are still prospective customers viewing your profile. Who knows? They could even come back to you at a later time for another project!
  • Choose your work. When you receive requests, you can accept them, or you can select the “pass” option to keep looking. You have the power to decide which jobs you want to do and which ones are not for you.
  • Keep your earnings. Every penny you earn from your leads is a penny in your pocket! Pro Referral does not take any cuts from your jobs.
  • Gain credibility. Customers know that to become a Pro, your application needs to be approved. That in and of itself already places more credibility upon you! Your profile also shows your ratings and reviews, so clients know that the hard work you put out is the hard work they will receive, too!

What are the requirements?

Becoming a Pro is actually quite simple! There are just a few criteria you must meet before being accepted:

  • Complete the application on the Pro Referral site. [link to application]
  • Make sure you can provide proof of General Liability.
  • Provide a state license (depending on your state and provided service)
  • Pass a background and identification test.
  • Provide a profile picture.

That is it! After you submit your application, you just wait to be approved by the Pro Referral team. Once you are accepted, you can begin following those leads!

What do I do next?

To maximize the efficiency of your company, there are a few apps you should use with it.

  • Pro Xtra allows you to automatically save your receipts from your Home Depot purchases and helps streamline your business
  • QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps you manage your money and financials
  • HammerZen seamlessly integrates Pro Xtra and QuickBooks, eliminating the manual data entry process to save you time and money

If you are looking for that final push to reach to the top of the industry, or even just another way to read a wider customer base, then Pro Referral is definitely the app for you! The success stories of using Pro Referral are endless, and it is sure to be the same for you! To learn more about the benefits of Pro Referral and how to sign up, read HammerZen’s blog about the app.

About HammerZen

HammerZen’s mission is to Pave the Road to Success for companies in the construction, real estate, and accounting industries. Our team believes that there are three important components of managing a profitable business: accuracy, consistency, and time management. The app simplifies your work and increases your profits by automating the data entry process when you import Home Depot receipts into QuickBooks. We are dedicated to providing the most to our clients so that they can be the best. Please visit HammerZen for the latest updates and news.

Who dislikes increasing profits and efficiency? If you are interested in learning how to automate your data entry process and save tons of time and money, you should sign up for HammerZen.