I believe in taking away the stigma of suicidal ideation by talking openly about our feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. It’s much harder to hide a struggle when it’s no longer a taboo topic.
This One Phrase Pulls Me Back When I Want To Die
Shannon Ashley

That would be amazing if we could get rid of that stigma. I had a cousin who was really sweet and kind and she hid her depression so well that we were all shocked when she took her life at the age of 13. My mom went on talking about how she was selfish and took the easy way out and she left so many people hurting. As I got older my own depression and suicidal thoughts got worse, I feared turning to my mom because she would call me selfish or say I was stressed or just being dramatic. My friends finally got me to tell my mom and she got me in therapy and then a few months later I was put on medication. My mom never called me selfish she was most upset I didnt turn to her I explained why and she apologized. It would be so much easier if we could get rid of the stigma surrounding it all.