In our lives, we have become so thoughtful (in a very wrong way), that we are prone to miss out on the opportunities presented to us just because we start pondering over what isn’t even there. I agree there are going to be events in our lives that will generally to pull us down but it does not mean it will apply to every sphere.

We as a human being have to face many situations where we behave emotionally. In these emotions we often lose our mind and sometimes negative thoughts surrounds us. These negative thoughts are for some specific time and after this time we realize that these thoughts were wrong.

The ways to overcome these negative thoughts that was suggested by Shawn Ancher are:

  • Journaling
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random act of kindness.

As human being I also became emotional when something wrong happens. At that time I try my best to control my temper and boost up my courage to handle these situations.

I am going to share a story from my life when I was overwhelmed by the negative thoughts. Once I was travelling with my family. Meanwhile, we had a very small accident. The accident did not damage anything but it put both the drivers on fight. Both the drivers were fighting and due to this the whole road was blocked. This incident brought negative thoughts in me due to this my whole day was ruined. I started thinking like what kind of they are, they don’t care for others, they don’t even know how to drive etc. After sometime I realized that I was not thinking in the right way. It is useless to think like this. I tried to take things in easy way and positively. I make myself calm and cool so the things seemed to change their attitude towards me and I became happy again.This was my personal thinking and I took this step on my own.

If you really want to be happy, STOP looking for it in the material world. Family and Friends are what you need more. Share your negative thoughts with people who understand you, I am sure they will come up with a very clear view of the inappropriate thoughts you are going through.

Just listen to yourself and do not be so harsh. Be definite about the reason that is pushing you towards the negative rather than the positive. If possible remove those reasons from your life.What you need is some time for yourself, feel the wind in your hair, take a break (eat a KitKat if you wish) but don’t put yourself down for reasons that don’t concern you. If people tend to blame you for things you need to start taking a stand for yourself

Now I am going to share the ways that I like the most:


I started to develop and practice the habit of gratitude. Now I pay thanks to each and every person who helps me in some way or make me feel happy. It has also helped me in improving my communication skills.

By practicing this way I noticed that my relations are becoming more strong and I am living a happy life.

Random act of kindness:

I started to practice another good way of becoming happy is “random act of kindness.

It is well said that,

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?”

(Jean Jacques Rousseau)

I started to act in a kind way with all my mates. The best way to be kind to someone is how you behave with them at the worst condition. So I took this step and help my fellows whenever they need my help either in studies or in their personal life. It make me feel more happy and to make others happy too.



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