Chocolate Melter

Melting chocolate help to mold chocolate into different shapes, for topping cake and other bakery products etc. Besides this, some people may like to eat melted or a hot chocolate. For this purpose different electronic melter or a Chocolate fountain can be used.

Though chocolate melter is best and proper way of melting chocolate but there are certain other ways too for melting chocolate, but you by most of the methods you have some difficulty in putting in chocolate in some specific shape.

Be conscious and avoid directly heating chocolate on the fire it can burn the chocolate and can induce a bad touch in the taste of chocolate thus degrading the quality of the chocolate.

Other methods for melting chocolate include the.

Using electric or microwave oven to Tempering Chocolate or Chocolate Tempering machine, placing chocolate in hot liquid like water in a pan bowl or a plastic bag etc.

How To melt Chocolate Using electric melter:

IT is one of the best and proper way for melting chocolate as the chocolate melters are specially designed to melt the chocolate and by this method you can get the best results.

• Using electric melter is a simple and easy way:

• You have just to place the chocolate in the bowl or the pan of the melter.

• Keep on siring well the chocolate.

• At last you will get a smooth waterfall of chocolate.

• Now your chocolate is ready for the use.

Things you must Know about melting chocolate:

Keep on stirring well as, otherwise chocolate will burn.

Don’t add water in the chocolate while melting it, as chocolate is an oil-based product.

Don’t put a lid over the pot while melting chocolate.

The melting point of chocolate lies in b/w 30 degree centigrade to 32 degree centigrade which corresponds toFahrenheit scale as 86° F to 900 F. So keep it in mind that temperature should not exceed 115° F.

The best option is to use the wooden spoon to stir as metal spoon can cause scratches on the surface of the melters bowl or pan and has other disadvantages too.

Different Types Of chocolate Melter:

Chocolate melters are of different types some of them are:

• Homemade Air-Heated Chocolate Melter:

Its cost lies between 100$ to 200$ and is small in size, so good for domestic level use or in a small business where a small quantity of melted chocolate is urgently desired.

• Bain-Marie Commercial Chocolate Melters:

IT is a cholocatemelter with varying size. The smallest size is two ranks like cp202 with and average weight of 6 to 8 Kg while largest is 6 rank CP 203. The price varies from 480$ to 590$ at the concession rates. The prices vary with the number of ranks in the melter.

• Air Heated Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine.

It is a commercial level chocolate meter and used for the quite large production level. It is not suitable for the domestic level use, as it has large size, heavy weight, costs more and larger capacity to melt chocolate at a time.