Dealing with Procrastination

Pomodoro is a technique to complete your tasks efficiently by smartly utilizing your time. This technique helps you to get rid of distractions that come in your mind. You divide your task in sub tasks, and on completion of each task, you get some reward to motivate yourself.

I decided to complete my new and one pending assignment using Pomodoro technique in two and half hours.


I divided my two assignments in four sessions. I gathered everything to be used in making the assignments. I created the proper environment to concentrate. I told my roommates not to disturb me for next three hours. I turned off all social media and started the assignment.

Session (I)

I started my first assignment. I tried to focus and not to be distracted by random ideas.

Distraction: Let’s turn on some music to enjoy while doing the assignment as it is mostly the Mathematics.

Alarm started to beep after 30 minutes and was happy for the work that I completed.

Now it was the time to enjoy next 10 minutes. I turned on music and enjoyed for next 10 minutes.

Session (II)

I started again with all the motivation that came from the completion of previous task. I tried to concentrate again and tried to keep going.

Distraction: Let’s eat that sweet dish in the refrigerator.

After half hour of work, the alarm beeped again and I was happy on completion of another session of Pomodoro technique and my first assignment as well.

In this 10 minutes break, I enjoyed some sweet dish from the refrigerator with music.

Session (III)

Now, I had to start my second assignment. I arranged the date needed for the second assignment and start doing it.

Distraction: Thoughts of taking a well-deserved break, as you have completed one assignment already.

After this session of Pomodoro, I decided to walk for 10 minutes to refresh my mind a little.

Session (IV)

This was the last session, as my assignment was to be completed in this session.

Distraction: Thoughts of being lazy. Thoughts that there is a little work left to be done and you can complete this whenever you want. Enjoy some social media now.

But I did not stop due to these random ideas, as I thought that social media can be enjoyed after the task completion. Afterward, I was really happy because my previous assignment was also completed.


This activity was really helpful and motivational as you get reward after every sub task. This technique can help you to complete your tasks efficiently. You learn how to manage your time effectively. During distractions, you may think of the reward, or remember why you started.