Your Teamwork Assessment

This is an assessment to check your team work skills. You have to rate your own teamwork abilities by placing the number 1, 2, or 3 next to each of the following statements:

1 = Never

2 = Sometimes

3 = Always

The question are:

1. What I say is consistent with what I do.

2. When I give directions or instructions to others there is rarely confusion or misunderstanding as a result.

3. I enjoy connecting with teammates, and communication flows freely.

4. I let my leader know about the challenges my team is facing.

5. When working on a project, I speak up if I see that something isn’t going to work and suggest an alternative.

6. I show my team leader respect and avoid publicly criticizing him.

7. Once a problem has been faced, talked about, and resolved, I do not bring it up again.

8. I am receptive to the needs of our clients. I want to know how we can improve our service.

9. I respond to client concerns quickly and give an honest and accurate response.

10. I am loyal to my team even in the face of opposition or criticism.


(24–30) This is an area of strength. Continue growing, but also spend time helping others to develop in this area.

(16–23) This area may not be hurting you, but it isn’t helping you much either. To strengthen your teamwork ability, develop yourself in this area.

(10–15) This is an area of weakness in your teamwork. Until you grow in this area, your team effectiveness will be negatively impacted.

My score in the assessment was 24. I was not much surprised by the results because I knew that I can work well in a team.

In order to improve my communication, I will make sure that what I say, is simple and easily understandable for others.

  • Why is communication important to teamwork and to becoming a MVTP, especially if you are already getting your work done

Most important thing in teamwork is communication. The success of your team and ability of your team members to work together depends upon good communication. Even if you are already getting your work done, constant communication with your team members will make you able to avoid any conflict in future and to become the most valuable team player (MVTP). Through communication with your team members, you may share your ideas and also get their perspectives on different topics. Communication only increases you knowledge and do some good to you, if it is done for the sake of good. MVTP not only complete their tasks effectively, but also helps other team members. And to know what kind of help your team members need, you have to communicate. So, communication is the key factor to become the MVTP.

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