An article by: Moheeb Ahmed

We are proud to be an interdisciplinary hackathon, however, some people do not know how they can be a part of hackathon if hacking is not their main interest. Computer science in general, plays a big part in our lives whether it be from the smartphones that are in everyone’s pocket or the laptop at which you are watching netflix. The hackathon team this year brings in people from different interests in fields. I have a background interest in Medicine, and there is a range of interest from finance, marketing, film, and many more.

If you are a creative mind, looking to engage in some exciting, thought provoking and productive activity in 2017, we’ve got something in for you!


Seen the posters? Visited the website? Watched the promotional video? Registered for the event? Still not sure what is Hamp Hack? Here is the inside scoop at Hampshire College:

Prizes, Friends, Food, and Hacking! The registration table in Franklin Patterson Hall gives goody bags, handles check-in, gives information, and provides the offical HampHack t-shirt! Participants then filter into the Main Lecture hall for the opening ceremony where the curtain will unveil. Immediately following will be the idea jam, where people who aren’t in teams yet can collaborate and jumpstart their thinking!

Fast forward through 24 hours of production, workshops, snacks, companionship, and it’s time to submit the team’s project for judging!

1. Win prizes

There are several different categories, which means you have a bunch of chances to win a prize. These include anything from an Amazon gift card to the makings of BB-8, from the new Star Wars movie.

2. Give your Netflix a day off

Let’s face it, most of us have a serious love interest with Netflix (or Hulu, or possibly even cable). Give your favorite binge-watched show a breather and spend a day creating something new.

3. Learn something new

Whether you’re currently in school or not, everyone can learn important skills every day. …

An article by: Tony Santacruz

Hamp Hack is an event aiming to unite multi-disciplinary thinkers to collaborate and create a product within a theme such as Environmental Sustainability, Brain and Development, Life Hacks, and Artificial Intelligence. Here are some examples of game ideas that can be #hamphacked!

10. Chess

Light up board with touch sensitive pieces to show possible moves. Or make it automatic, so that you can play real world chess with an invisible player.

9. Monopoly

The game would include opportunities to crowd source and invest based on supply/demand, industries would be included as a mean for revenue generation, advertisements would have a role.

8. Scrabble

With emojis instead…

An article by: Tony Santacruz

10: Procrastinate

Give yourself time to hatch an idea! Art is long, but life is short. Balance the delay with a hard deadline. Internal pressure helps push out the good stuff.

09: Start unscrewing

Pick a random device (any household item) and take it apart! Remotes, toys, kitchen appliances, vacuums… We are surrounded by deceptively simple machines that brilliant minds worked together to invent.

08: Take a nap

Sleep helps you think! Some shut eye will help clear your mind and put those restless thoughts at ease.

07: Put on your favorite song

Combine your favorite song with a topic or subject, and watch the sparks fly! Honestly though, having music or background noise while…

Hamp Hack

Hamp Hack is an interdisciplinary Hackathon event for the five college students in the Pioneer Valley that provides an escape velocity to creative ideas.

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