How can you get connected at Hamp Hack?

An article by: Moheeb Ahmed

We are proud to be an interdisciplinary hackathon, however, some people do not know how they can be a part of hackathon if hacking is not their main interest. Computer science in general, plays a big part in our lives whether it be from the smartphones that are in everyone’s pocket or the laptop at which you are watching netflix. The hackathon team this year brings in people from different interests in fields. I have a background interest in Medicine, and there is a range of interest from finance, marketing, film, and many more.


The figure shown above shows the model of the Robotic Surgery Simulator, also called the RoSS. Instead of needed an atmosphere that would include a live environment, students pursuing in specializing in surgery can use this machine to practice surgical procedures without needing live examples.


The fashion designing field is also seeing many advancement in their field as well. Recently, google and levis have been partnering to create clothing which will incorporate controlling your smart phone or watch by your clothes. That requires making the touching sensors more smaller so that it would feel as if there is not added there from before. In the near future, these types of clothing will become more common in the market, and will open up a new market of clothing and fashion.

Last year, we had a big turnout of people interested in different fields. You can always be part of this event. Registration opens on January 22nd. To watch exclusive videos, see original memes, and learn about the Humans of HampHack, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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