It’s 2017, but I have no plans … yet!

If you are a creative mind, looking to engage in some exciting, thought provoking and productive activity in 2017, we’ve got something in for you!

Photo by Marshall Cao

HampHack! the world’s first and only interdisciplinary hackathon event, is returning for it’s 2nd year in April 2017. Over 500 students applied to participate last year, and on January 22nd 2017, registration will open again! The event brought students from across the country to compete for over $5,000 in prizes.

Photo by T. X. Watson

Because HampHack is run by people with a passion for interdisciplinary innovation, this year HampHack is redesigning itself based on last year’s feedback and experience. It will take place in a bigger venue with more prize money, and opportunities to help give back to local communities. There are also additional categories to compete in this year including, “Nutrition and Health,” as well as a “Fan-tasy Hack” category!

Photo by Bryon

To most, “hackathon,” means tech-driven people doing tech things. At HampHack, their goal is to build a collaborative environment for interdisciplinary ideas and thinking to thrive by bringing together Artists, Designers, creators, and tech’ers. They encourage participants to tackle projects beyond what they imagined possible. To help prepare participants to achieve this, they had workshops for developing AI programs, tutorials on how to 3d print, making websites, and game development.

Photo by Bryon

This radical re-envisioning of what a Hackathon could be demanded a shift in how entries could compete against each other. Categories like, “Environmental Sustainability,” “Braini-Hack,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “Life Hacks,” allows for greater flexibility and possibility for the teams.

Here are just a few examples of submitted projects:

  • a music to colour synaesthesia visualizer
  • a mobile app that delivers local environmental news based on preference and location with clear supplementary resources
  • a space invader game controlled with someone’s mind and blinking
  • a scanner for phones that says whether everyday objects are recyclable or not
  • an online test that distinguishes whether poetry is computer generated or written by humans!

Registration opens on January 22nd. To watch exclusive videos, see original memes, and learn about the Humans of HampHack, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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