Education Through Making

It did not matter if we were making a robot, a cake, or just a big mess, we just had this deep need to make something.

As each of us were growing up, and some like me still are, all we wanted to do is make. It did not matter if we were making a robot, a cake, or just a big mess, we just have this deep need to make something.

I still want to make and to create, no matter the outcome, it satisfies my soul. There are days that I go in to the shop to do nothing more than make sawdust or to make an LED blink. I don’t have to walk away with anything physical to walk away with something tangible. This is meditation.

I continue this desire to make on a regular basis, always working on some random project, mostly because I was raised to be this way. I was raised with mother’s leadership example and her desire to show us, my brother and I, how to make meaningful relationships. I was raised by fathers love for the outdoors and showing me that you have to put in work to have a worthwhile harvest. I was raised by my grandfather’s passion for hard meaningful work, his master of woodworking and mechanics. He was never afraid to take anything apart and would go above and beyond to bring a machine back to life when others would just throw it away. I was raised by my grandmother’s patient and loving hands, showing us the ways of the garden, the kitchen, and the happy home.

This is a reasonably traditional form of education, one that so many parents are un-able to provide for their children as we move to a society of thought workers. I know we can bring this back by taking the time to immerse the young and teach the teachers. The question is where I start, where can we start?

this was originally published on in November of 2014