Defeat the negative feelings

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There are few days that does not comes to mind where some of the negative feelings, and these feelings are not limited to our feeling sad or upset, feeling of worry or tension, and sometimes the whole fear feelings become negative if they dominate our thinking or disrupted our ability to work and the exercise of the affairs of our daily lives, we can not man lives all the time happy and comfortable, this is almost impossible, even if we assume the continuation of happiness man is by nature Melloul Saahjrha in search of a new feeling, in this article you will learn a range of practical and effective ways to get rid of the negative feelings that Tthaglna and make us lost all desire to do anything.

1- Writing:
 If you come to us the opportunity to we talk to someone about what we are doing, keep the idea of ​​organizing speak correct and the start of the factors that concern us, but with a pen and paper alone do not require any extra effort, just eating the paper, and then type whatever you want in any language, in any language, in any line, only use these means to remove any feelings of control you and make you a bad mood.

2- Voice record:
 On the other hand, there are some who do not prefer writing in any way, alternative parallel is undoubtedly the voice recording, and it does not require you only have to sit on your own with your PC and press the record button, and the provisions of what you want in any way and take the time what makes you feel comfortable , not only stopped when you feel all described what it feels like and got rid of it completely. Leave your phone and go back to natural life, and then heard the next day, when recorded and the thought of it, was it really needs you all the fuss and distress or whether it is a simple matter, ask yourself what you feel now, the intelligence this way they make us feel that we hear a problem someone else to parliament, to think better and without pressure because we are out of the problem.

3- Physical effort:
 Strongly believe in the ability of physical exertion on a large negative energy from human handling, and you’ll find many people practicing psychotherapy without knowing that there is something Thus, for example, that a wife who just completed Unlike sharply with her husband, found a sudden rise speeding to arrange the house and clean it up for long hours with it Vtafrg completely clean of its negative energy at work, and ends today stressful Vtnam without the time and effort to think of anything. This also applies to the exercise, it was reported from physical activities to get rid of negative emotions and has a very strong factor in improving mood.

4- Things you need focus:
 There are some simple activities that require concentration, which in the exercise’re getting your thoughts and make all your being around the post, such as shoe polish, Ironing, Tmlie Home Furniture, yes, I am not joking Try it yourself and tell us how you were feeling at the time.

5- Psychological support sessions: 
 From time to time, a person may need to such groups, which are surrounded by an atmosphere of confidentiality and privacy and respect for the feelings of others, where he will meet a number of people somewhere in order to tell them all about his feelings, and choose someone from sitting to address him and shared his feelings without receiving any comments or questions or blame anyone, just telling the aim of telling and sharing.

6- Talking with somone:
 Look for someone comfortable with him and trust him, and all the provisions of the suffering and probably find what you need from him the support and participation.

7- Yell:
 Some people can not express themselves freely, but sometimes they can not describe what they are feeling, and unfortunately this nature that are difficult to change, this kind of people are suffering greatly, so keep negative emotions locked chests disturb them their lives, and thus Vabakh loud effective means to get rid of negative energy and everything that can not be expressed.

8- Cool water bath:
 Of the simplest ways to get rid of negative emotions get a cool water bath, water is a magical effect on the human body, take the decision and go for it and will improve your mood, you will not end what it feels completely but at least you are now better than before exposure your body of water.

9- Walking: 
 When you feel upset, get out of where you are intending to any open place, breathe fresh air, to avoid the car ride or any of the transportation, walk on your feet, walk until you feel better or feel tired all the time you can return to your home.

And you must have your own ways to get rid of unwanted feelings, provisions for us by a little bit.